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Zhang Zhixiang

PhD, Researcher-Level Senior Engineer, Director of Jiangsu SinoRoad Engineering Research Institute, Registered Consulting Engineer, Nanjing Innovative Entrepreneur.


As the head of a number of ministerial-level scientific research projects, he has continuously carried out scientific research in the field of road engineering and has formed a series of research brands such as Superpave, flexible road base, rubber asphalt, bridge deck pavement, road maintenance, energy conservation and emission reduction consulting. He has been in charge of the research on "Multi-index Design System of Asphalt Pavement", "Study on Steel Bridge Deck Pavement of Resin-Asphalt Composites" in the framework of the Western Transportation Research Projects of the Ministry of Transport, "Joint Research on Superpave Asphalt Pavement Technology" of the Ministry of Transport, "Application of Rubber Asphalt In-depth Study of Road Engineering", and paticipated in the "Jiangsu Province Asphalt Pavement Construction Technical Specifications", "Highway Construction Standardization Guide" and other industries and local standards.


China Highway Society Science and Technology Award - Top Prize (2011, 2013, 2015)

China Highway Society Science and Technology Award - First Prize (2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015)

Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Award - Second Prize (2011)

The 10th China Civil Engineering Zhan-Tianyou Award Innovative Collective Award

China Highway Society Youth Science and Technology Award (2012)

"Six Talents Summit" Funding

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