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Guan Yongsheng

PhD, Senior Engineer, General Manager of Materials Division


He has long been engaged in research and development of new road materials and engineering applications. He has taken charge of or participated in dozens of provincial and ministerial level scientific research project. He has published more than 10 SCI/EI retrieved papers and has obtained 6 invention patents. He is especially good at consulting in highway reconstruction and expansion, research, development and application of new road materials. In response to the problems in the process of engineering application, he has been in charge of the research and development of non-stick emulsified bitumen, durable high modulus asphalt mixture, U-PAVE ultra-thin pavement, high viscous modifier for drainage pavement, anti-icing pavement materials, high-ash rock asphalt mixture series, which has been widely applied.


China Highway Society Science and Technology Award – Top Prize (Once)

China Highway Society Science and Technology Award - First Prize (Once)

China Highway Society Science and Technology Award – Third Prize (6 Times)

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